The history of the “Grabenschmiede”

By now, the craft as metalworker is carried on in our family already in the fifth generation.

Josef Vinzenz Hasenknopf, born in 1827, founded a metalwork shop in the “Pfisterleite” in Berchtesgaden ca. 150 years ago. This smithy is owned by Wolfgang Hasenknopf now.

My father Hans-Jörg Hasenknopf moved out from the smithy in the “Pfisterleite” in 1980. He newly built the contemporary “Grabenschmiede”.

By chance it stands at the same place where the saltwork smith Müller from Berchtesgaden had worked ca. 200 years ago and whose daughter had married the founder of the smith's family, Josef Vinzenz Hasenknopf.

From left to right:
The brothers Anton, Josef and Alois (my grandfather), as well as their father Josef Hasenknopf. The photo was shot around 1920.


Father Hans-Jörg Hasenknopf (Curriculum Vitae Download)



Korbinian Hasenknopf (Curriculum Vitae Download)

I continue the “Grabenschmiede” since 2004.
And maybe in future there will still be many descendents holding the smith's hammer in their hand already in the cradle.